Energy Efficient Electrical Design & Retrofit

Go green and save some green with efficiency design and retrofit.
Energy Efficient Electrical Remodel

Let Our Electrical Technicians Save You $$

Whether you live on the bench overlooking Salt Lake City or reside in the higher elevations of Park City, having a more energy efficient home is a major part of helping to save this planet. As a nice added bonus, you will immediately notice the savings on not only your power bill but also on the money you were previously spending to replace fried appliances, repair wiring and circuit boxes, and buy new light bulbs when the old ones burned out too soon. The savings will quickly outweigh any expenses incurred in making the necessary changes, and we think you will be very happy with the results for many years to come.

  • Save money on power bills
  • Minimized carbon footprint
  • Longer life span of electrical systems, light bulbs, appliances, etc.

Electrical Solutions

When you call us to assess your home’s efficiency, we will come do a thorough examination and compile a report with your personalized power analysis along with possibilities and recommendations. Once we have found all the energy leaks, we will then sit down with you to review all the options and decide on the aesthetics and depth of what you want to change. Whether you choose to go fully solar or simply retrofit your recessed lighting, KES will design and conduct the work according to your specifications and needs.

The KES Difference

There is so much new technology out there, it can be intimidating. And it seems like as soon as you figure one thing out, there are two new things that are all the rage. At KES, we are constantly educating ourselves on all the latest options for energy efficiency and will bring this knowledge to you to design and retrofit your house to be the most electrically efficient possible.

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