Home Energy Efficiency

Make your home save you money while helping to save the environment.
Home Energy Efficiency

Environmentally Friendly

By making your home more efficient, you are doing your part to help save this beautiful planet by conserving much-needed energy, thereby using less of the resources that pollute. A more efficient electrical system will also prolong the life of your wiring, circuits, appliances, and more that create unnecessary waste down the road – and cost you a lot of money. The KES electricians are experts on energy efficiency, so call us today for a home energy audit to determine how you can cut back on your electrical costs. From sunny Salt Lake to the hills of Park City, we can save you energy and money.

  • Significantly lower monthly costs
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Higher resale value of your home
  • Reduce overload to your home’s circuits
  • Prolong the life of your electrical system

Energy Saving Ideas

Do you wonder why your electrical bill is so high, even when you are doing everything you can think of to conserve? Your house is full of potential energy leak culprits that you may not even realize exist. Switching your lights to LED, installing dimmers, and retrofitting electrical components are great and easy steps to saving energy.

For maximum home efficiency, KES can design and build a solar-powered electrical system more quickly and inexpensively than you probably imagined. You will save a lot of money in the long run by not forking over a chunk of your monthly budget to the power company, and you can also enjoy the significant tax credits Utah offers. Click here for more information on the solar power services KES offers.

The KES Difference

When you call KES to investigate your home’s energy loss, we will schedule a time that works best for you to come do a full walk through and analysis of your electrical, heating, cooling, and more. We will then sit down with you to go over all of our findings and offer realistic and effective options for increasing your efficiency. The savings you start noticing after making the necessary changes will be astounding and will likely pay for itself in no time.

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