Power Dimming & Lighting Control

Create mood while cutting costs by installing power dimmers on your lights.
Power Dimmers

Saving Energy

Are your dining room lights too bright for an intimate dinner or the light in the living room too dim for your evening read? By installing dimmers on your lights, you not only increase the options for your existing lights but also decrease your power bill. When you’re paying for full-strength lighting when all you need is a light glow, well, that really adds up.
  • Energy savings
  • Variable lighting depending on your momentary needs
  • Increased comfort
  • Environmentally responsible by using less resources
  • Extended bulb life
  • Get better sleep by dimming before bed

Lighting Control

Never again will you be trapped in the rut of having only two lighting choices - on or off. By having dimmers installed on your lights, you have the power to turn your settings to only what you need, no more, no less. This will lengthen the life of your circuits, wiring, and bulbs, saving you a good deal of money on replacement materials and energy costs. There is a wide variety of available dimming options, from single-room controls to full-home automation.


KES has a very strong relationship with Lutron, who we feel to be among the finest lighting control manufacturers in the business. We invite you to view an informative video tour of the possibilities afforded by Lutron in this introduction to lighting control video.

The KES Difference

At KES, we can custom program the latest in cutting-edge home automation control, including your lighting dimmers. You now have the option of dimming your lights by a traditional switch or knob, or having us wire your system to be fully automated and controlled by either a remote or an app, allowing you to manually turn lights up or down or use the preprogrammed settings to create the mood you are looking for. You will enjoy having control like you never imagined over your lights and overall home energy efficiency.

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