Parking Revenue Control

Parking revenue systems design and installation in Summit County and Salt Lake.
Parking Revenue Control

Parking Revenue Control Systems

Whether you own a large paid parking garage or need a new access gate for your residential community, KES has the best equipment and experience for all your parking control solutions. We specialize in parking meters and controlled entry, all of which can be fully automated to save you any hassles. Our electricians will work quickly and efficiently, getting your new system up and going in record time to keep you in business.
  • Residential and community gated access
  • Commercial gates
  • Ticket dispensers
  • Wide variety of automatic payment stations
  • Parking management software
  • Parking attendant POS terminals
  • Validation and access controls
  • Car and hotel room key readers
  • Exit verifiers

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Benefits of a Revenue Control System

  • Save money on staffing
  • Less equipment than traditional one-per-space parking meters
  • Automated reports
  • Fast and reliable machines
  • More secure than cash boxes
  • Accept cash, coin, credit card, hotel room key, and more all in one machine

The KES Difference

We carry a wide variety of readers, pay stations, verifiers, and dispensers that are all user-friendly and reliable to make your (and your customer’s) life as easy as possible. We can also set up your office with the best and simplest parking management software available so you can quickly run reports and see where most of your traffic comes from and goes to, and during which times and days. Having everything integrated and automatic will save you loads on personnel and scheduling hassles and ensure that everything is running smoothly at all times.

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